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Commission OPEN 10 SPOTS by NubbyBunns…


:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (Not Started)
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (Sketching/Finished sketch)
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (Line-arted)
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: ( Basic colors)
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: (shading)
:star::star::star::star::star: (details/Finished)
YCH Sinni by NubbyBunnsBio Suit by NubbyBunns
[c] SevenKalmia by NubbyBunns[c] AD (2/4) by NubbyBunns
Octavia by NubbyBunnsMolly by NubbyBunns
Happy 4th! 600 Watchers! by NubbyBunnsMummy Demons  (CLOSED) by NubbyBunns

Some Facts

Info~… get watchers guys o3o
! know you want them

If you have Tegaki shoot me a message~ 495-1837-1302
:heart:Stamp - Tablet User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearStamp - Milk Lover by firstfear:heart:
Hey guys~, Nubby Here

So I'm just going to say some stuff about me. If you'd like to read about it go right a head C:

:star: I am still in school~ So if I'm a little slow with art please bear with me C: we do have breaks and weekends ^^.
:star: I am wanting to stray away from mostly doing ponies, but I could never neglect my little girls~ and all my pony friends out there! :heart:
:star: I am a natural ginger C: But lets call me more of a Day Walker. Cause I actually have a soul believe it or not C:
:star: I mainly only listen to J and K-pop music //hides
:star: I really want to get to know my watchers more~ I feel as though I'm not very active with them and I'm trying to be more.... ohh.. Social?
:star: I like kitties and almost all aminals :heart:
:star: Every time I write for these :star: I always spell start instead.
:star: I happen to really enjoy tentacles //squeesforever.
:star: I love to be asked random questions. Soo if you can think of anything. Even if its dumb. I'd love to hear it!!

Works for me!

That I love to death! :heart:

C: Molly Kimono Pony by Bally-VhernMew by carcarchuCommission #7: NubbyBunns by Pockicchi
Commission for NubbyBunns by marina094:thumb315604933::thumb372761394:CPC for: NubbyBunns by Lea-Lu




:iconblank-flanks: :iconmlp-earthen-wonders: :iconfancyshit:

More Satomi? 

3 deviants said would yall like to see more of her ?
No deviants said or one of my other OC's *comment who*

Wanna know if I'm streaming?

Live Streaming

Live streaming!
Working on NSFW Commission for a FA user

Recent Journals!

Just in case you missed them!

Work Day~!Alrighty so! i have decided that today is an art work day for myself!
Ive been very lazy lately and just recently started watching Doctor Who (marathoned that yesterday)
And i really need to get art done!
I have some sketchs just doodled out but i really need to finish y'alls current commissions
Recently I came down with strep (a few days ago) apparently from kissin this guy from a-kon
so says my mum
And since im stuck home anyway I might as well work on the commissions! and other art i have not produced yet ;u;
yes this sounds like a plan.
Back from A-Kon!!!Oh my goodness guys its was absolutely amazing!!
I had so much fun over the course of these past few days and met a ton of mew and exciting people!
I met :iconAurora-dorable: the day of Pre-Reg and she was such a cutie~ I wish I had seen her more throughout the weekend ;u;
Also with me in the room was :iconSaltySquid::icon123rebekkamarie: and :iconMocharain:
I didnt really meet any other Deviants I don't believe But if you think you met me please let me know!!
Friday I was just having a ball went to go see NSDP at the concert and then the Rave after that, Also the Steampunk Ball in between. 
I was asked to dance at the ball and the heels I was wearing were not made for dancing oh my goodness. 
On Saturday I woke up and Got my Flame Princess Attire all ready and what not! 
I'll be uploading some pictures within the next couple of days! Or if you wanna see them now go check out my instagram NubbyBunns
Saturday night was a trip man.. I met some very active people and sp

Guys! My friend is OPEN for Commissions!:iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid::iconSaltySquid:

Please my cuties go check her out! Her art is freaking amazing ;u; better than mine~ AND REALLY REALLY CHEAP!!!
Sorry I've been away..If y'all haven't noticed I've kinda been in a slum recently.
I mean I've barely posted anything in the past month..
I dunno I've kinda been discouraged?
And just really f-ing lazy. to everyone who has purchased a commission i will still be working on them i promise. 
But since only like one person bought a commission from me in my "unlimited slots" to raise money i kinda figured why try if no one wants them. so i kinda gave up.
If that makes sense yeah?
I'm sorry ive been extremely slow to get things out. I don't quite have a system set up yet or designated working times. sooo its just kinda whenever I get my laptop out and work. My Weekends are busy cause of my Convention preparation and what not. Ill be sizing and what not for my Flame Princess costume over the next two weeks and have to drive two hours out to the country.
Well I guess I will take these next few weeks and go on a break!
While still getting what already been promised done and all that of course. 

To do list



Art Trades
:bulletpink: chipples19
:bulletpink: Raitoyami
:bulletpink: NiveousLamia
:bulletpink: Lady-Blush
:bulletpink: elliechu
:bulletpink: AllycatAdams

Art I'm waiting on
:bulletblack: Commission CherryzSkittlez
:bulletblack: Commission Marsh--Mallow
:bulletblack: Icon comish DamselFlys
:bulletred: Trades from inulovesyou Raitoyami NiveousLamia elliechu AllycatAdams


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Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
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